Wind did change

Summer came, and the wind has changed.

April showers bring May ….piglets? 


April showers bring May ….piglets? 


"Rose Heart Crown"
handmade by me 

This is the first crown I made. I want to make a crown for a friend as a secret gift.

I drew several designs for this crown.Then I started to make the outline frame around the end of 2012. And then I was stuck. The progress was paused for a several months, because I could not decide which way should I go for the design, and it’s quite frustrated when this feeling happened. So I stopped.

Around June,2013. I started again after I saw her photo that inspired me. I knew what the final crown going to look like. I went to get more materials that I need. And I finished within 3 days.

I think it’s all about inspiration. 

my inspiration

a r i e t t a

a r i e t t a


Queen of Hearts coordinate for comic con :)

Outfit Rundown

  • Dress, blouse, OTKs: AatP
  • Necklace: Moitie
  • Bag: VW
  • Head piece: handmade by reafre

my Robe de Celadon by Juliette et Justine
(Ecru x Mist green)
photo by reafre

I fall in love with the lace. It is very soft and delicate. Mist green color is also my favorite.